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About us

D'Alessandro & Partners is an engineering company able to deal project activities with multidisciplinary method, developing analysis feasibility, design and procurement assistance, economic evaluation, monitoring of implementation.

The combination of innovative construction techniques with the use of appropriate materials and refined analysis methodologies allow to ensure safety, functionality, implementation and management economy.

In D'Alessandro & Partners there are all the experiences and knowledge acquired in over thirty years of activity in the field of design and the construction of civil, commercial, industrial and infrastructure works, both public and private, in support of promoters, architects and companies.

The company employs a group of specialists with solid experience and professionalism in multiple fields and disciplines: structural design, environmental, infrastructural, geotechnical.

An effective technical-scientific approach, quality control is guaranteed and timely time and cost monitoring.



Geotechnical Engineering

Unlock the potential of your projects with our geotechnical engineering services. Ensure solid foundations and durability with our expert solutions.


Structural Engineering

Elevate your projects with our structural engineering expertise. We provide innovative solutions for durability and safety, ensuring your structures stand the test of time.



Maximize efficiency and sustainability with our consultancy leveraging the BAU performance method. Our approach ensures optimal operational performance, delivering solutions that align with your strategic objectives.

Engineering Services
and Advanced Technologies

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